1. Getting Started with Onpos

Is OnPOS Secure ?
 A.  We say OnPOS is secure because there are a lot of steps that guarantee that a transaction is secure. The steps include:

  • Writing down what your customer is buying; the quantities and how much. This is what we call Invoice Creation

  • Pay the Invoice sent to you

  • Confirm a payment for an Invoice

  • Receive receipts for payments made

These four steps are important for a transaction to be called secure. At times you pay for goods without receiving an Invoice and this leads to disputes. At times you pay for goods into a wrong bank account details. At times it takes long for a dealer to confirm a payment you have made; and at times you could misplace a receipt for an important payment.
With Onpos all these problems go away; providing you with the comfort of a secure transaction.

Where can I get OnPOS ?
 A.  You can download Onpos here (For Android) and here (For IOS)

What can I do with OnPOS ?
 A.  OnPOS is a very quick to start and easy to use option to receive payments from your customers and issue them receipts. It can be your POS and help you keep your accounting accurate.

OnPos is an App you should have on your smart phones. It can be a live saver. As a merchant; if you also have hundreds or thousands of billers; you could use OnPOS and manage them in groups; generating Invoices for them. We would notify all of them Once; with an SMS and Email so they can proceed to pay.

How do I register for OnPOS ?
 A.  Click the Start here button or Download the App from here. It is easy to setup and it takes less than 2 minutes to generate your first Invoice or make a payment for an Invoice.

Is there a limit to the number of staff users' that can be added to a Merchant's account?
 A.  There is no limit to this.

How can I upgrade from an Individual account to a Merchant account?
 A.  This feature is possible only by emailing helpdesk@onpos.com.ng or calling customer support (07000003000). However we will make it electronic soon.

When I try to login on the Mobile App, I get the following (Error message: sorry your business account is still inactive, please visit OnPOS to complete account setup)
 A.  Once you Sign up for a merchant account make sure you update your profile and input your bank account details before you can login in from the mobile app.

When I try to login on the mobile app, I get the following (Error message: sorry could not process your request at this time)
 A.  Make sure you are using the most recent version of the mobile app.

2. Invoice Generation

How many Invoices are generated daily on both Merchant and Individual Accounts?
 A.  Merchant accounts generate unlimited number of Invoices while Individuals accounts generate 100 (one hundred) Invoices daily.

I sent a bill and the customer said they didn't receive it; do I resend it?
 A.  Customers should check both their emails and SMS to confirm Invoice receipt else you can resend the Invoice.

3. Invoice Payment

Can I reverse a payment I made for an Invoice?
 A.  You cannot reverse a payment once it is made; so be sure before you pay a biller. You can only ask the biller to refund you your money.

How can I confirm if an Invoice is paid or not?
 A.  Click on the "Invoice Status" button.

I am a biller; people have paid me but I have not received Credit alert and notification from my bank?
 A.  Once an Invoice is marked as paid; the credit would arrive at your bank account. You just need to click on the settlement report and see what has been credited to your bank.

If my customer pays with Card when will I receive the money in my Account?
 A.  Your money would be received in your account within 24-hrs of payment.

How am I sure I will receive service or goods after I pay an Invoice?
 A.  OnPOS advices you always receive goods and services before you pay. We cannot guarantee service delivery from your biller; however each biller has attested to and accepted that they would abide by the terms and conditions set in the invoice as well as confirm that the details are accurate. Your receipt of payment would always be a trusted proof that you paid for the goods stated in your invoice; however it is always good to trust and confirm services and products yourself; receive them before you settle bills from billers; if the business conditions allow.

If a billers' bank account is in UBA for e.g. can I pay the biller from any bank outlet?
 A.  It is possible to pay a biller from any bank outlet; all you need is your OnPOS OPR code and request to make an OnPOS Nibss payment.

Can I pay with a foreign card and must the card have a four digit PIN before payment is made?
 A.  You can pay with MasterCard, visa card. Unfortunately you must enter the 4 digit pin as this is required in the Nigerian chip and pin standards for EMV transactions.

After making payment with my Visa card, I receive the following Error: Not enrolled or Element is Missing
 A.  This means you have not activated your card for itoken. Kindly follow the steps below to activate your Visa card:

1. Visit an ATM
2. Insert the card
3. Select to change PIN
4. Select the i-PIN feature
5. Enter a four digit Pin
6. Confirm it

Once you have done this you can use with your CVV2 code; this security number is different from the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and can only be used for online payments.

4. Fraud Report

I got an Invoice payment notification, but I didn't confirm payment?
 A.  Contact OnPOS customer support immediately to rectify issues.

5. Transactions

Are there any limitations on the amount to be spent per day using OnPOS for transaction?
 A.  The limitation is set by your financial institution. This is not controlled by OnPOS. The daily limits are set by the financial institutions and regulatory frameworks in Nigeria.

I got debited but OnPOS says the Invoice is not yet paid, how should I proceed?
 A.  Please check with your bank and ensure they perform a reversal according to their procedure. If OnPOS says your invoice is not paid; then this means your bank has not sent us confirmation of credit.

I receive an Error when I pay with my VISA CARD, MASTER CARD or VERVE CARD online; what should I do?
 A.  If Debit was made, Kindly contact OnPOS customer agents and your bank to verify transactions else wait and try again later.

6. Customer Support

What is the quickest way to get help on a transaction?
 A.  Send us an email: helpdesk@onpos.com.ng or call our vanity number: 07000003000

Can I chat with an ONPOS support staff on a problem am having?
 A.  Yes, you can chat with a support staff via our WhatsApp lines;
Channel 1: +234 9099126547
Channel 2: +234 8137724804

7. Fees

How much is OnPOS commission rate?
 A.  OnPOS charges a fixed fee (N100) irrespective of the value of the transaction.

Can the service charge be split between the customers and the merchant?
 A.  If a payment is made via card, the merchant already pays a fee. This fee is called the merchant charge and set by regulation. To burden the merchant with extra fees would make this unbearable. We feel that this will be a strong product differentiator.

However OnPOS also has managed to reduce this fee for the merchant to a flat N100 naira, if the customer opts to pay a invoice at bank.

Are there additional service charges (Monthly charges) for Merchant Accounts?
 A.  There are no additional charges to merchant accounts. If this changes you will be notified

8. Others

How long will ONPOS keep my receipts securely archived?
 A.  As long as you own an OnPOS account, your receipts are surely archived.

How can I remove an Invoice from showing on my App?
 A.  An Invoice can only be archived from showing on the App.

If I have multiple businesses; can they be registered under one account?
 A.  Since your business operates one identity, it is best to have one business one account. But remember you can setup multiple bank accounts under one account and transact with all of them.

Apart from the 'RC number' and 'Company Logo' (which are not mandatory) is there a difference between an Individual and Merchant account?
 A.  The merchant account can generate an unlimited number of invoices. The individual account has a limited number of invoices (100 invoices) to be generated per day.

Is it possible to integrate OnPOS as a payment option to an existing business website?
 A.  Yes. Ecommerce integration is possible. Contact support for more information.

Can I Pay my Organization's Salary with OnPOS?
 A.  Yes, you can pay Organizational Invoices via the OnPOS web portal.

My Household Staff e.g Drivers, Nanny's and Gatemen don't have a smart phone; how do I pay their salaries or fees with OnPOS?
 A.  Their salaries can be paid via the Payment Bills feature on OnPOS App. Just click the "Payment Bills" button, add the beneficiaries and proceed to generate and pay bills.



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