Transaction Security

Security of data and transaction

OnPos provides the same level of security that your internet banking provides. All your communication are encrypted over a secure channel using https/TLS standards. This means you should ensure you see the Green Bar before trusting you are on OnPOS site.

The App has special security inbuilt with the strongest cryptographic mechanisms in place to ensure data confidentiality, data and transaction integrity and availability. We use 4096 bit or 2048 bit keys for your protection.

PIN Security

Security of your PIN

The Payment interface complies to the PCI/DSS standards to protect your PIN when you want to pay with your debit/credit cards. Please always follow the instructions your bank issues to ensure your PIN is always secret.

Security of Notifications and data storage

Every SMS with a bill code that you receive from onpos can be confirmed with the "confirm bill" button in

Once a payment confirmation notification is received; as a biller or merchant; you are sure your money is received and you can proceed to give service or goods to your customers.

We securely store your receipts and ensure you can always retrieve them years after you have successfully completed a transaction.

Account Number Confirmation

OnPOS also confirms any bank account number before it can receive payment. So any account details associated to a bill is guaranteed to be active and belongs to the Account name and bank stated in the bill. Always confirm details of your bill directly from and ensure that you know and contact the merchant whom you want to pay before paying.

*NOTE: Onpos would never ask you to enter your PIN or card details over email or through any other channel. Only enter it over the trusted PCI/DSS interface provided.


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